19 Ways to Embrace JW Enamel Pins as Meaningful Keepsakes

Enamel pins serve as tiny tokens of cherished moments, often bestowed upon us during significant occasions like conventions or assemblies. These thoughtful mementos represent the love and connection shared among us as brothers and sisters, but sometimes, they accumulate, leaving us wondering how to best use them. Fear not! Here are several creative ways to display, use, or wear these gifted enamel pins or those you gift to yourself.

Adorning a Lanyard:

String those special pins on a lanyard for a portable gallery of memories.

Corkboard Showcase:

Pin them to a corkboard, creating a vibrant collage of nostalgia.

With a Scarf:

Grace your scarf with a pin, for a touch of style.

On an earring display:

Stick your pins on an earring display and let your JW enamel pins shine.

Service Bag Style:

Embellish a service bag tastefully with these tiny treasures, adding a touch of personality.

On A Pillow Display:

Create a personalized throw pillow by embellishing it with your cherished JW pins.

On a pin banner:

Use one of our themed JW pin banners to display your collection as bedroom or office decor.

Backpack or Purse:

Jazz up your backpack or purse by pinning these tokens on their surfaces.

Add Some Collar Charm:

Accentuate a shirt or dress collar with a carefully placed enamel pin for a subtle yet stylish statement.

Embroidery Hoop Showcase:

Transform an embroidery hoop into a charming display for your JW pins.

Headband Elegance:

Spruce up a headband with an array of colorful enamel pins for a whimsical touch.

Suit Jacket Sophistication:

Pin to a suit jacket with a carefully selected pin that matches a tie or tie clip.

Hat or Beanie:

Embellish your favorite hat or beanie with these miniature artworks.


Add a pop of color to your workspace by pinning these on a pincushion and using it as a quirky decor piece.

Shoe Accents:

Elevate your shoe game by creatively using JW pins as delightful shoe accents.

Belt Buckles:

Transform a plain belt into a fashion statement by adorning it with one or two enamel pins.

Skirt Waist:

Accentuate the waistline of a skirt by strategically pinning these miniature treasures to it.

As a Necklace:

Convert a JW enamel pin into a necklace, for a fun new way to wear your trinket.

Mini Bag or Clutch:

Add a touch of flair to your mini bags or clutches by accessorizing with these tiny adornments.

Magazine or Tract Holders:

Have a fabric magazine or tract holder? Button pins work perfectly on these adding a little scripturally inspired flare.

Each of these methods celebrates the sentiment behind these precious gifts, ensuring they find a place in your life, adding both beauty and a touch of nostalgia. Remember, these pins aren’t just accessories; they’re fragments of shared experiences and cherished memories of “the best life ever”.

  • Angelena
    Posted at 20:53h, 12 January Reply

    These are such ingenious ways to display the spiritual collection I have that sits in my jewelry box until a convention. Thank you for so many creative ideas.

    • jwprintables
      Posted at 10:42h, 13 January Reply

      Hi Angelena, We’re happy to hear this was helpful! If you ever try out any of the suggestions, We’d love to hear how it turns out. Happy collecting!

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